Would you like to help SBA and/or join the executive board or a committee?

Executive Board positions for 2015-2016 term that may be opening up:
-Executive Administrator
-Director, MD Pre-Clinical Student Affairs
-Director, IT

Also, we are recruiting for SBA committees and independent projects. We want to recruit as many people as possible to minimize the burden on members in planning activities . Members on committees would only be expected to help with one of SBA’s activities per year. Here are the descriptions of committee activities:

Career Development Skills Committee
Connect members to useful classes and workshops
Find speakers, and plan seminars and roundtables
Help develop useful classes to add to MSSM’s curriculum

Networking Committee
Plans tours to biotech companies and other organizations
Plans or connects members to networking events with professionals
Finds internships and opportunities for members

Tech Development and Entrepreneurship Committee
Plans or connects members to product development competitions
Assists with finding resources for entrepreneurial student projects (QED, etc)
Members develop their own project and take it to the limit!

Community Service Committee
Develop projects to give back to the community, such as youth education

Social Media Committee
Manage the public face of SBA via website, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Handle any possible press or press releases SBA might have in the future

Please fill out this 5 minute survey if you are interested in joining the executive board, a committee, an independent project, or have suggestions for our association:


General Body Lunch Meeting

winter kickoff

Why not start the year with FREE LUNCH while our board members announce SBA’s plans for the coming year? If you missed the meeting, we have a copy of the presentation here:

We are looking forward to another year of great events! In parallel, we also want to expand our capabilities by having members plan SBA activities that they want to make happen.
If you have an idea, we can assemble sub-committees to make it happen! Or you can be a part our existing committees. If you are interested, email us, or make sure you are on our mailing list when we send out the committee recruitment survey this week.

Good Times at the SBA and CIG Social

It was an all around great night and an awesome way to end the year! We teamed up with the Consulting Interest Group to showcase all of our latest and greatest activities, and wonderful innovative projects from student groups at Sinai. We also provided a TON of tasty and fancy food, in addition to releasing the cases of biotech inspired beer, brewed by SBA’s Ryan O’Hanlon. Look forward to more mingling with fellow students, faculty, and industry professionals in the future, as well as some more biotech beer!



CIG oktoberfest