Get Ready for SBA’s Biggest Year

We have spent the last two years building up our networks and resources to help all students and postdocs in NYC meet industry professionals.  Thanks to our affiliation with GRO-Biotech and the first ever student run NYC biopharma conference that we co-hosted, we have more opportunities to connect to industry professionals than ever before.  With this in mind, we are turning our primary focus to planning/participating in networking events, and building a resource for all student organizations to utilize for contacting industry professionals.  In addition, we have a great program filled with the events past participants know and love, including biotech tours, competitions, and speaker events.

Come see what we are doing this year at our General Body Meeting in September (date and time to be announced when speaker confirms).  Otherwise, keep up with all of updates on our activities at:

Our Facebook page at
Follow us on Twitter at @SinaiBiotech
Have some photos taken at our events that you want to share? Send us an instagram at @SinaiBiotech


GRO-Biotech Biopharma Conference

After months of preparation, we are thrilled to open registration for our first annual GRO Biopharma Conference, organized by GROBiotech, an alliance of graduate biotech clubs across NYC. We have leaders from five healthcare companies who will each share their vision, company strategy, and thoughts on the future of the biopharma industry.  Visit the conference website to register, see the schedule, and learn more about the speakers. The conference is free, but registration is required, so please sign up now if you are interested in attending.biopharma flyer


Big Announcements at the General Body Meeting on February 4, 2016

In addition to updates on our events for the semester, we will discuss Sinai’s involvement in the formation of the Graduate Research Organizations for Biotechnology (GRO-Biotech) consortium, and what that means for our members.  Attendance will also bring you closer to full membership benefits, which includes a surprise that we will announce at the meeting.

Also, there will be free food!  Come to Annenberg 12-01 @ 6pm on February 4th.

SBA Reorganization and Social Media Reboot

Over the past few months, the Sinai Biotech board members have been restructuring the way we carry out our operations to effectively provide the best events and activities that meet the interests of the student body. Come to our general body meeting in late September to learn about the changes we’ve made, and how you can get involved in activities that promote your career development.
If you want keep up with the latest SBA news and information, check our website regularly. In addition, we are expanding our social media exposure to make it easier to see what we are up to:
Check out our Facebook page at
Follow us on Twitter at @SinaiBiotech
Have some photos taken at our events that you want to share? Send us an instagram at @SinaiBiotech

Would you like to help SBA and/or join the executive board or a committee?

Executive Board positions for 2015-2016 term that may be opening up:
-Executive Administrator
-Director, MD Pre-Clinical Student Affairs
-Director, IT

Also, we are recruiting for SBA committees and independent projects. We want to recruit as many people as possible to minimize the burden on members in planning activities . Members on committees would only be expected to help with one of SBA’s activities per year. Here are the descriptions of committee activities:

Career Development Skills Committee
Connect members to useful classes and workshops
Find speakers, and plan seminars and roundtables
Help develop useful classes to add to MSSM’s curriculum

Networking Committee
Plans tours to biotech companies and other organizations
Plans or connects members to networking events with professionals
Finds internships and opportunities for members

Tech Development and Entrepreneurship Committee
Plans or connects members to product development competitions
Assists with finding resources for entrepreneurial student projects (QED, etc)
Members develop their own project and take it to the limit!

Community Service Committee
Develop projects to give back to the community, such as youth education

Social Media Committee
Manage the public face of SBA via website, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Handle any possible press or press releases SBA might have in the future

Please fill out this 5 minute survey if you are interested in joining the executive board, a committee, an independent project, or have suggestions for our association: