The Sinai Biotech Association and its activities are managed by students of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. We have limited resources for creating events such as think tank competitions, biotech company tours, biotech oriented roundtable series, industry careers education seminars, student/industry networking events, and activities that promote entrepreneurship and technology development. Donations will help us continue to make these events happen, providing more opportunities for students at Mount Sinai and other institutions to get involved and develop their careers in the biotech industry.

Successful Past Events:

Roundtable Series: Nanotechnology-Based, Cell-Specific Drug Delivery. Faculty leaders: Dr. Yasmin Hurd and Dr. Kevin Costa

Regeneron Tour, Summer 2014
2014-07-25 15.43.13

Roundtable Series: Solvadi, a Breakthrough Hepatitis C Treatment. Faculty leaders: Dr. Scott Friedman and Dr. Doug Dieterich
roundtable graphic

We appreciate anything that you can contribute. Thank you!
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