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Get Ready for SBA’s Biggest Year

We have spent the last two years building up our networks and resources to help all students and postdocs in NYC meet industry professionals.  Thanks to our affiliation with GRO-Biotech and the first ever student run NYC biopharma conference that we co-hosted, we have more opportunities to connect to industry professionals than ever before.  With this in mind, we are turning our primary focus to planning/participating in networking events, and building a resource for all student organizations to utilize for contacting industry professionals.  In addition, we have a great program filled with the events past participants know and love, including biotech tours, competitions, and speaker events.

Come see what we are doing this year at our General Body Meeting in September (date and time to be announced when speaker confirms).  Otherwise, keep up with all of updates on our activities at:

Our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sinaibiotech
Follow us on Twitter at @SinaiBiotech
Have some photos taken at our events that you want to share? Send us an instagram at @SinaiBiotech

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